Our Corporate Team

At paulmuhlrad.com, our team is dedicated to providing the very best service to our clients. Meet our staff:

Darlhum Luap – President and Chief Executive Officer
Robin Banks – Chief Financial Officer
Jess Googlet – Chief Information Officer
Misty Bote – Chief Investment Officer
Miriam Young – Staff Dating Service
Chuck Itout – Document Archives Manager
Hugh Cairs – Ombudsman
Hoda Dore – Receptionist
Singh N. Tune – Musical Director
Harry D. Lemma – Dispute Resolution Counselor
Trey Sheik – Fashion Bureau Chief
Ilene Wright – Chief Political Correspondent
Bill F. Goodes – VP, Sales
Lyon, Steele & Steele – Chief Counsel
Hiram Monday – VP, Human Resources
Justin Case – Director of Risk Management
Ino Write – Director of Communications
Sandy Beeches – Travel Agent
Shelby Laight – Appointments Scheduler
Mark Myward – VP, Corporate Strategy
Omie Ghosh – Director of Social Media
Noah Guy – Assistant Director of Social Networking
Wendy Windblows – Childcare Coordinator
Anita Gooden and Dona B. Laight – Attendance Roll
Mustafa Note – Absenteeism Records
Nida Lift – Employee Carpool Coordinator
Corrie Ander & Holly Hocks – Landscapers
Bill Offen – Accounting
Rusty Blade – Medical Director
Paige Turner – Web Designer
Slobodan Thicke – Sandwich Chef
Castan Stone – Director of Employee Policies
Izzy Goodenov – Applicant Interviewer
Yuri Mission – Environmental Compliance Officer
Al Terkocker – Restroom Attendant
Armand A. Leg – Director of Fee Structures
Rita Booke – Librarian
Aida Lotte – Food Taster