Who I Am

As you have undoubtedly deduced from my URL, my name is Paul Muhlrad.  Some may have thought my name was Paulm Uhlrad or Paulmu Hlrad, but my readers are more insightful.

I wear several different hats, metaphorically, at least.  By day, I am the Science Communications Manager for the Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology at the University of Colorado Boulder. In short, my main job is to help scientists find and get money for their research. And to help them write good.

Apart from my day job, I’m a photographer, digital imaging geek, old-time fiddler, clawhammer banjoist, amateur naturalist, husband, and father of two daughters who are much smarter than I.  I have a PhD in molecular and cellular biology, which helps a lot with the science, but unfortunately not a bit with the other things, especially the fiddling.

In truth, I only wear only one hat. Since I live in high and sunny Colorado, mine has a wide brim.